Scaling up Global Action on Collective Land Rights for Climate, Conservation and Livelihoods


Path to Scale is an informal network of donors, financial mechanisms, and their intermediaries aiming to scale-up funding and other enabling factors to secure the land and resource rights, conservation, and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant Peoples to the levels necessary to meet 2030 global climate and biodiversity targets. This website serves as an information hub for current and prospective investors and donors, as well as Indigenous Peoples, local communities and their allies.

The Need

Tropical forests and other ecosystems controlled and managed by Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant Peoples are more resilient to climate change, and deliver better biodiversity and local livelihood outcomes compared to land not under their stewardship.

To bring at least half of all tropical forests under the control of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, we need at least US$10 billion over the next decade. This will secure their legal rights to an additional 400 million hectares of biodiversity rich forests.


To track our progress towards this goal, we have identified two measurable targets that reflect the current state of legal progress on recognizing rights, opportunities for change, and the costs of financing those opportunities.

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A Favorable Investment Opportunity

Securing land rights to protect forests costs far less than traditional conservation approaches and produces better climate, biodiversity and livelihood outcomes than traditional approaches. For example, the estimated cost of recognizing collective tenure rights in currently unprotected, high biodiversity areas is less than 1% of the cost of resettling these communities out of protected areas.

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Proposed Actions

We will achieve our targets by mobilizing private philanthropy and national governments’ commitments to secure collective land rights, leveraging existing and new climate finance initiatives, and tracking progress of new investments – all in close coordination with Indigenous and local community organizations.

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The views and targets reflected on this website are not necessarily endorsed by all of the organizations participating in the Path to Scale network.

Path to Scale Funding Dashboard

We are building an interactive dashboard to understand and compare the different opportunities to scale up investments.

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