About Us

Vision & Purpose

The Path to Scale (P2S) is an informal initiative that aims to scale-up global ambition to legally recognize the land and resource rights of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant Peoples -- particularly women -- at least to a level necessary to achieve the 2030 global climate and biodiversity targets.

Attaining this ambition would require securing community rights to at least 400 million additional hectares of biodiversity rich forest land in tropical countries and the mobilization of at least US$10 billion over the next 10 years. Achieving this would put at least one half of all tropical forests under the control of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant Peoples, and dramatically increase their potential for sustained conservation and climate mitigation. It will further secure an estimated additional 125 tCO2e and avoid an estimated 1.099 (range 0.463 – 4.456) GtCO2e of forest carbon emissions. While these outcomes would benefit the greater public good, they will also directly help over 200 million rural people improve their lives and livelihoods.

Read about the targets and actions proposed by P2S.

Membership & Roles

P2S is composed of individuals from donor organizations, international financial mechanisms, and their intermediaries committed to supporting international efforts to secure Indigenous and community rights, livelihoods and conservation of their lands and forests.


Facilitating strategy building, and promoting greater ambition and collective targets;


Learning, sharing and coordinating action supporting the Indigenous and community land rights agenda;


Advancing the development and regular updating of frameworks and monitoring tools to ensure tracking of progress; and


Fostering new tools and initiatives to achieve the initiative’s targets.

The working group’s discussions operate per the Chatham House Rules. It is coordinated by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI).